Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crossover Anime x Spongebob : Monkey D. Sponge and Buutrick

Hey there ^_^
Sorry for not updating my blog recently, i got much stuffs at my concern right now, so here's my newest papertoys.

Download Monkey D. Sponge HERE
Download Buutrick HERE

First of all, i found some interesting fanarts of anime crossover with spongebob squarepants like One Piece x Spongebob, Dragon Ball x Spongebob, Naruto x Spongebob, etc. And i found that's kind of cute for spongebob and friends cosplayed as anime characters hahahaha.
So, i try to design two crossover anime x spongebob papertoys.
First one is Monkey D. Sponge, the crossover version of One Piece's Monkey D. Luffy and Spongebob's Spongebob.
The second one's Buutrick, the crossover version of Dragon Ball's Majin Buu and Spongebob's Patrick Star.
Hope you guys like it ^_^

nb : credits goes to the original fanarts illustrators for these anime x spongebob crossover

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