Thursday, December 30, 2010

Match-Bot Series #1 : Green LED-match (simple and transformable papertoy)

This is my new original papertoy series after emoTeVe, named Match-Bot.
Basically this is a common matchbox papercraft but the special thing about this one is this papertoy is transformable.
Yes, it can be transformed into a simple robot like papertoy.
For the transforming instruction please see the pictures below :

Matchbox Mode (sorry for the blurry image)

Transforming Instruction Part 1

Transforming Instruction Part 2

Transforming Instruction Part 3 (complete)

download Match-Bot Series #1 Green LED-match HERE

New Year's Papertoys : 2010 Boy and 2011 Girl

Happy New Year!
Welcome 2011! And this is new papertoys with new year's theme.
The boy wears a shirt with '2010' text on his chest says 'welcome' to the girl wears a shirt with '2011' and she doesn't forget to say 'goodbye' to the boy who represent year 2010.

download New Year's Papertoy - 2010 Boy HERE
download New Year's Papertoy - 2011 Girl HERE

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mini Ika Musume Instruction

For part #4 please use built photos for references since i scratch built it instead of modelled it in 3D.