Sunday, August 8, 2010

emoTeVe Papertoy Series

This is a new papertoy i've designed, actually, i've finished some Durarara! and Sesame Street series papertoys but i haven't test build them since i got really busy at my college's stuffs, so i decided to publish this papertoy first.

download emoTeVe Papertoy Series HERE

The papertoy named emoTeVe, it took a form of a TV or PC's monitor and it has a face of a simple emoticons consist of Angry, Sad, Happy, Love, and Broken (the last one inspired by my broken monitor hahaha).

The series also has a blank template, feel free to customise it and send your customized emoTeVe's photos and templates to :
I'll publish your custom template on this blog, oh and please write down your designer name and homepage address on the template ^_^


  1. sorry about the quality of the reference images :( hope it can help you to build this papertoy :)

  2. I don't know why I can't reach the Mediafire page to download?

  3. Link downloadnya nggak keluar nih BRO !!!

  4. link fixed, thanks for your attention ^^